Struggling With a Potbelly? Here Are Four Tips For a Flat Tummy.

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It feels terrible when you want to put on your favorite pants or take a full picture of yourself rather than just a selfie, but you cannot do it because of a protruded stomach.

Apart from a poor self-image and low self-esteem, a lot of fats around your belly causes diseases such as diabetes type 2 and heart problems. For tips on how to lose these fats read on to the end of this article.

Fats lie between the skin and the muscles. Therefore, the moment the layer of flab around your abdomen is more than one inch thick, you will have a potbelly, and the best way to burn these fats is to cut weight.

Here are some of the proven ways of burning fats around your abdomen for a flat tummy.

Take care of your sugar levels.

A person checking blood sugar level.

Sugar comprises glucose and fructose, but the liver cannot metabolize excessive fructose. Therefore, it converts the excess fructose into fats then deposits them around your abdomen and liver.

The side effect of these fats is that they cause insulin resistance that can lead to heart diseases and diabetes type 2.

Eat a lot of Proteins.

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Proteins are known to boost muscle building, and they don’t turn into fats quickly. Check out my previous article on dietary for muscle building. They also boost metabolism and reduce the cravings for eating many calories.

Some of the foods with high proteins are eggs, legumes, and fish.

Start doing exercise.

Photo by cursedthing.

Training is the most effective way of burning calories in your body. Begin doing aerobic and resistance exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups.

Other simple exercises with a lot of impact on burning fats are walking, swimming, and jogging. Check out my previous article on tips that guarantee weight loss.

Reduce eating carbohydrates that are refined.

Carbohydrates are essential in our diet because they produce energy. Still, when consumed in excess, they turn to fats then deposited around the lower stomach and organs such as liver and heart.

Therefore you should consume the right amount of carbohydrates to avoid the conversion of excess fructose and glucose into fats.

If you are wondering where to start your journey of cutting off the potbelly, check out my previous articles on five-morning practices that guarantee weight loss and top reasons why you should lift weight and train your strength for motivation to kick off.

Follow the above tips, then thank me later. Let me know if this article was helpful in the comment section below.

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