5 Home Exercises To Lose Belly Fat.

In the previous article on belly fat, I provided an overview of a potbelly and general tips to reduce it (read it here) but in this article, I will be highlighting five home exercises to get rid of stubborn stomach fats. Read on to the end.

Home exercises to lose belly fat.
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Since calories are distributed all over your body, the workout plan you choose must target the entire muscles for effective burning of fats.

The following are the top exercises that are recommended by experienced fitness and nutrition experts.

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home exercises to lose belly fat. walking
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Perhaps you are wondering how walking is related to cutting belly fat, but yes, it works.

Your body has fats all over, and therefore walking makes sure you lose all these fats. According to experts, walking one hour per day leads to shedding one pound of fat a week.

Walking is an exercise that targets the entire body, and this boosts the probability of burning extra calories in your body.

Walking also reduces the production of cortisol which is a stress hormone secreted as a result of too much workout. Some experts claim that the hormone increases belly fats.


Home exercises to lose belly fat.biking
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If you are used to driving or using a means of transport that doesn’t involve use of the energy, it is high time you shift to a mechanism that requires sweating, and the best one is bicycling.

According to veterans, on average one can burn between 250 and 500 calories for every 30 minutes riding a bike depending on the speed and intensity.

With biking, you can also explore nature because of its flexibility. It is an added advantage besides shedding tummy fats.


Home exercises to lose belly fat.
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Burpees are the easiest and fastest way of burning stomach fats.

  • Stand with your feet apart.
  • Squat with your hands touching the floor then jump back to a plank position.
  • Bring your feet forth to your hands then stand up straight.
  • Do them ten times.


Sprawl exercise targets all body muscles and burns calories while shaping lower and upper body, more specifically, your abs.

It involves touching your chest to the ground then push up to the plank as you continue with the moves.

The above exercise makes sure that the calories in the entire body are lost.


Home exercises to lose belly fat
Photo by Darrell A.

With this exercise, apart from burning visceral fats, you also build abs which are attractive and gives you a lot of confidence.

This exercise is also good for your back since the body relies on it for merely everything. The exercise strengthens your back and makes it pain proof.

Let me know if this article was helpful in the comment section below.

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