Depression: Fight It Like Jackie Chan (What to do, what to avoid).

Image that show what it feels like to suffer from depression. Bringing the inside to the outside.


Everyone at some point in their life reaches a time whereby they lose interest in everything and judge themselves harshly and think that they don’t deserve to breathe.

It mostly happens when everything you are trying out isn’t working. A past breaking experience that has held you hostage, and you can’t accept that it happened, can also contribute to the above feelings.

It can be relationships, business, education, or family affairs. Most of the people go for drugs to deal with depression or even commit suicide in severe cases.

If you are a victim of depression and you are wondering what to do with your life, this article is for you. Read on to the end, and I am sure it will help.

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What is depression?

There are different normal mood fluctuations that people experience in their life, such as anger and loss of interest.

However, when the mood fluctuations are persistent, and they are affecting your life, that is depression.

Depression can persist for weeks, months or even years. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the primary cause of disability worldwide.

Symptoms of Depression.

  • Not wanting to talk to anyone because you think they won’t understand you.
  • Loss of appetite, no matter how hungry you are.
  • Sleeping too much to avoid thinking about it.
  • Sleeping less because of too many thoughts on your mind.
  • Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed.
  • Being harsh or rude.
  • Using drugs, even though you were not using them in the past.
  • Feeling worthless or guilty.
  • Fatigue or loss of energy.
  • Recurring thoughts of suicide.
  • Giving up.

What to do when depressed.

Living with depression can be very difficult, and you will have to experience the worst side of life. However, treatment can help improve the quality of life.

The following are some of the ways to deal with depression.

  • Seeking medical advice– talk to your healthcare providers who may prescribe for you the best drugs depending on the level of your depression. The prescription may include; antidepressants, anti-anxiety, and anti psychotic medications that might help.
  • Speaking to a therapist-they can help you with tips on how to deal with negative feelings. You can also organize group or family therapy sessions where you can share your opinions.
  • Doing exercise-exercise increases the productivity of endorphins, which are hormones that boost your mood. Train for 30 minutes daily for 3 to 5 days a week.
  • Learn to say NO-setting boundaries in your life can boost how you feel. Feeling overwhelmed can worsen your situation.
  • Taking care of yourself-this includes eating a balanced diet, having enough sleep, doing exercise, and taking part in things that make you happy.

Sometimes medication may not work effectively, and your doctor may recommend other treatment measures. It can be (ECT) or (rTMS) to help you improve your mood.


What To Avoid When Depressed.

Here are some of the things to avoid when fighting depression.

  • Avoid arguments that may lead to disagreement. It can make you feel like nobody understands you and can worsen the situation.
  • Avoid using drugs. Most people opt for drugs to get relief but to warn you, this will worsen your situation. Drugs harm your health and may even kill you faster than the depression itself.
  • Avoid activities that remind you of things that are depressing you. It can be social media, specific places, or particular events.
  • Cut of negative people that give you negative feelings and thoughts.


When depressed, don’t isolate yourself. Always find someone whom you can share with your feelings. They might help you with tips on how to deal with it or even connect you to someone who can help you.

Isolation is dangerous because you will have all kinds of thoughts on your mind, some of which worsen the situation.

Let me hope this article was helpful. Please share with us your depression story and how you overcame it in the comment section below.

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